Torrance/Zamperini Field Airport Approach

To: Ruben Cabalbag
Asst. Manager, Los Angeles ADO
Federal Aviation Administration

As an instrument instructor at TOA, I urge you to reconsider the plans to cancel the VOR/GPS approach for 11L at TOA. The ILS for TOA does go out of service and the VOR/GPS is the only approach to safely land at TOA during instrument conditions. This cancellation request needs to be put out to the pilots at TOA by the FAA and ?not? the city public works department who are not pilots and do not understand the instrument approaches or the need for them! Please also remember, if an aircraft needs to land in weather, because of mechanical problems, the nearest approach needs to be utilized. This is not a city decision! This is a matter of the safety of the pilots at TOA and the other pilots who fly in here. There are times when TOA is the only airport that is open during instrument conditions. And how are we interfering with LAX? And what is this costing anything to keep this approach? Yes circle to land is okay from 29R when we have minimums that make this a safe condition. Please do remember that we have schools, homes and businesses under the downwind for 11L. Again, I urge you to reconsider this decision as a pilot and as an instructor. Thank you?.

Nancy Clinton
Torrance/Zamperini Field Airport

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