User Fees – Time to Step Up!

From The Alliance for Aviation Across America: We need your help to ensure that the Alliance continues to grow. Help us protect small businesses, small towns, farms and general aviation by clicking HERE and telling your friends and colleagues about the Alliance! Thank You for your Continued Support!

As you know, the proposed FAA reauthorization bill is still moving through Congress. The current Senate version of the bill includes a new ?user fee? tax on general aviation aircraft and the businesses, charitable organizations, and small towns across the country that depend upon small airports and small aircraft.

We still have a chance of removing these potentially devastating tax hikes from the bill, but we need your help as our fight against user fees enters the next phase.

The FAA reauthorization bill will next be considered by the Senate Finance Committee, most likely sometime in June. It is very important that Senators continue to hear from their constituents – please ask your colleagues and friends to make a quick phone call today!

Our toll-free hotline (1-866-908-5898) remains open for you to contact your Senators and express your concerns about the user fee tax. Your emails and phone calls make a difference.

The Members of the Senate Committee on Finance are:

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