It’s Not Just Airports- The ”Me Generation” Causes Issues Everywhere

It’s not just airports that are under attack. So is the Altamont Motorsports Park Raceway east of Livermore. In 1999 a man and his wife purchased 57 acres that bordered within 120 feet of the raceway. Recently they built a large house on their property. They had hopes of purchasing and shutting down the raceway. Instead, a new investor and owner revived it and commenced sponsoring weekend races. Guess what? You are right, the homeowner is now complaining about noise from the raceway. A county supervisor in whose district the property is situated got it right: “If people move close to a horse stable, they should be prepared to smell the manure. If they buy a house next to a racetrack, they should be prepared to hear cars racing.

Is there a message here for people who move near airports?

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Jay White- General Counsel California Pilots Association

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