Little River Airport – Mendocino, CA.

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Airport committee adjusts without Scully
The Mendocino (CA) Beacon

Tim Scully resigned from the Little River Airport Citizen Advisory Committee by not applying for reappointment when his term was up in the spring. A pilot representative, Scully served as chairman since the committee’s formation in 1995, and without a break for over a decade. Scully notified the committee and Mendocino County Clerk of the Board of his intentions last fall, about six months in advance. He stretched his tenure through the end of the fiscal year, so he has only been absent for the last two meetings. An airport update follows: Hangars
Morgan confirmed that Mead & Hunt, the airport management consulting firm, had just received the contract to analyze the two potential locations of new hangars which were established when they completed the original airport plan. They will compare the two sites for cost and maintenance viability. The key factor will be whether Caltrans is convinced, as the funding agency, it is a financially safe proposition.

“Caltrans will not finance any project that has any chance to fail,” said Morgan. “It must be a viable project.”

The selected locations are the northeast end of the taxiway and behind the hangars at the old picnic site.

Jet fuel
According to Morgan, there are no new developments with the county for jet fuel at Little River.

Keith Paulson, pilot member from Albion, told the committee “Avgas is not going to be around in 10 years.”

Avgas is the high-octane fuel used for aircraft and, in the past, racing cars. Avgas is what is currently sold at the airport.

Paulson said, “This airport will have jet fuel at some point. To think otherwise … [At some point] the aviation community is only going to be jet fuel.”

He informed the group that jet fuel is essentially kerosene, a no-lead fuel, and is less polluting and volatile than AvGas.

“The county will keep looking and will see what this will mean for us,” said Morgan. “They’ll look at us doing it, someone else and everyone in-between.”

AWOS is up
Morgan reported the AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System) was up and running, located midfield at the airport. FAA-approved AWOS provides accurate and up-to-date weather information for pilots who are considering flying to the Mendocino Coast.

Pilots, and anyone else who wants to know local weather conditions, can get the information from the homepage. On the right side of the page, find “Enter Airport ID. Type in O48 (Oscar 48) to obtain the Little River Airport data. Click on “SUBMIT.”

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