After an accident like the one in New York, many GA pilots may be asked to comment. If you’re asked?especially by the news media?please be careful how you respond. “It’s really easy to get caught off guard. Even with the best of intentions, you can inadvertently do harm to GA,” said Jeff Myers, AOPA executive vice president of communications. “The best response to any contact with reporters is to refer them to the professionals on AOPA’s media relations team.” (Call 301/695-2162 at any time.) If you do talk to the media, review AOPA’s online“Guide to Talking to Reporters” first. No matter whom you’re talking with, say only what you know. For example, you can explain VFR flight regulations and that aircraft accidents into buildings are extraordinarily rare, despite the thousands of flights over cities every day. Do not speculate. The “facts” will change, many times, and we won’t know for sure what happened until the NTSB completes its work months from now.

Editor’s Note: If you are contacted by the media regarding a aviation accident it is important to be ready and careful. AOPA offers some excellent advice on this.

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