The FAA Wants Your FSS feedback

Soon, managers at the FAA may have a vivid understanding of the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” That?s because the agency this week said it has established a toll-free telephone number for pilots to comment on services they receive from Lockheed Martin flight service facilities. The number is 1-888-FLT-SRVC, or 1-888-358-7782. Feedback from this line will be used by the FAA?s Air Traffic Organization to make sure flight service stations operated by Lockheed Martin meet agency standards. The information will be used by the agency to better monitor and manage Lockheed Martin?s performance levels.

Pilot comments will be collected and recorded by the FAA?s Flight Service Operations and Safety Group. They will then be forwarded to Lockheed Martin. The company must respond to pilots within 15 days, notifying the FAA when they have done so.

The FAA?s Flight Service Operations and Safety Group will maintain a database of comments and actions taken to address pilot concerns. This information will be forwarded to aviation organizations like EAA who have expressed an interest in receiving it.

In addition to the new toll-free comment line, pilots can also provide feedback online. The online service can be accessed from the FAA home page through the “Pilots” link on the right side of the page (, and clicking the e-mail link under the Flight Service Stations heading:

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