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General Aviation Supporters: We Need Your Help!
As you may know, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently introduced a version of the FAA reauthorization proposal which retains the simple and easy-to-use fuel tax system. Tuesday, September 18th, the House Ways and Means Committee is voting on their own proposal for FAA reauthorization, and your Representative is a key member of this committee. You have a great opportunity to speak out NOW on behalf of small businesses and towns that rely on general aviation! This is a critical time in our fight, so please take a few minutes to call your Representative now! Simply use our toll-free legislative hotline, at 866-908-5898, and press 3 to be automatically connected to your House member. REMEMBER, it is crucial that you press 3.

When you speak with your Representative?s office, you may want to say:

* As the House Ways and Means Committee works to craft their own proposal for FAA reauthorization, we urge you to follow the common-sense approach of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which protects small businesses and communities that rely on general aviation by retaining our simple, easy-to-use fuel tax system.
* I reject any radical and unnecessary new taxes or fees on general aviation that would harm small businesses and towns, while giving the commercial airlines a huge tax break.

Also, please visit our website and send your Representative a letter by clicking here.

On behalf of the Alliance and the general aviation community, thank you for your help and support!

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