Since the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) was established around Washington, D.C., in 2003, AOPA has dedicated its resources to providing education about the airspace and explaining why it is ill-conceived and poorly executed. Sending that message to the public, media, and government decision makers is a large part of your association’s education campaign. Jackie Kucinich, a reporter for The Hill, flew with an AOPA staff member to experience firsthand what GA pilots go through each time they fly into, or depart from, the ADIZ. The Hill is a Washington, D.C., publication widely read by senators, congressmen, and thousands of other influential political leaders. The short flight from AOPA’s headquarters at Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Maryland, to Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, Maryland, should be a 10-minute hop. Figure in the ADIZ, however, and it turns into a one-hour round-trip journey. Kucinich saw up-close and very personally the complications that arise when flying in this part of the country. See AOPA Online

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