Sensationalism First- Facts Second in Reporting

Reporter Christiane Amanpour took a look at GA security on CNN’s Larry King Live last week, and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) says the show was “irresponsible in its lack of balance.” NBAA President Ed Bolen wrote to the network, asking for an opportunity to present “a full picture of GA security.” No organization representing general aviation was included in the report, which looked at the security measures at GA airports. “As a result, key facts about GA security were ignored in favor of sensationalist comments from only one source, and the industry as a whole was mischaracterized,” Bolen said. On the show, reporter Ted Rowlands, at Van Nuys Airport, said the TSA depends on the GA community to be on the alert. “They say because of those eyes and ears it really isn’t that big a threat in their estimation,” he said. Amanpour then interviewed Mary Schiavo, who said, “We desperately need to increase security.”

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