GA Aircraft Used to Search for Denver Area Motorists

The Colorado wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) launched a dozen aircraft on Sunday over snow-packed Colorado helping authorities search for motorists who might be stranded after a second massive winter storm blanketed the area with up to two feet of snow from Thursday through Saturday. The crews said they were also searching for livestock caught out in the weather. Major highways in the region remained closed Sunday morning including I70 east from Denver to Kansas, and I25 south from Pueblo to New Mexico. Although plowing crews have been working non-stop since the storm struck, temperatures have remained below freezing keeping the snow from sticking and allowing strong winds to blow the fluffy stuff into drifts of truly remarkable dimensions — 15 feet in some areas! CAP pilots and spotters train for aerial search missions such as Sunday’s over the Rockies. Colorado wing spokesman Steve Hamilton said, “When you’re spotting stranded vehicles, they’re pretty easy to see from the air.”

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