No On User Fees

EAAers Say No to User FeesEAA successfully heightened awareness of the crucial user fee issue at AirVenture last week. Nearly 50,000 “EAAers Say No to User Fees” buttons were seen on hats and shirts everywhere, including at EAA Member Village, where more than 3,000 individuals had their photos taken and posted to the board. More than 3,600 signatures were also collected on an anti-user fee petition, which will be sent to key lawmakers in the House, Senate, and ultimately, the conference committee where final legislation will be negotiated. Several GA leaders appeared before an SRO forum at the AirVenture User Fee panel discussion Tuesday, urging support of HR 2881, while several advocates of that very legislation – House Aviation Subcommittee members – appeared on a panel Saturday to listen to members of the GA community.

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