Oceanside Airport- Congressmen Darrell Issa Joins in Fight

It’s been a long fight to keep Oceanside Municipal Airport open, but local pilots aren’t about to give up?and they’ve got the support of some powerful allies. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), an AOPA member who represents the district where Oceanside is located, is objecting to the city’s decision to hire a consultant to study the “best use” of the airport land and determine how to close the field if the city decides to do so. He took his objections straight to the top in a letter sent to FAA Administrator Marion Blakey on Wednesday. “I believe this plan is costly, ill advised, and not in the best interest of local taxpayers,” Issa wrote. “Instead I would urge the FAA to work with the airport, the city council, and local pilots to ensure the airport continues to serve my constituents to its fullest potential.” AOPA has been working with the FAA and urging similar cooperation at the embattled airport for years, fighting a variety of schemes to close the airport or severely restrict access to the field. Oceanside has accepted federal money that requires the airport to remain open until 2024 and requires some airport property to be kept for airport purposes in perpetuity.

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