Permanent ADIZ in D.C., Could it Happen Here?

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ASN Team, I'm the ASN for College Park Airport (KCGS), the oldest continuously  operated airport in the world - one of three airports in the FRZ within the Washington, D.C., ADIZ. I'm asking you to spread the word throughout your aviation communities, to bring some common sense to our collective problem.  We have the opportunity to comment on another draconian process.  We have been living with this poor approach to risk management for almost four years now, and the government is trying to make it permanent.  If this can happen to us, when will it happen to you?  You and your aviation community are direly needed to provide some  constructive rebuttal comments.  And please don't hesitate to contact your elected officials and ask them to bring some common sense back into this  type of lawmaking.  This affects everyone in GA.  If you want to fly to the  Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area, you have special requirements.  If this
proposed rule goes through, the requirements will never be lifted. Please go to the following link to read the PDFs, and to comment on this proposed rule. We all have the opportunity to make our voices heard. Please do it!! Thanks, Lee Sommer, ASN-CGS

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