California Senate Passes SB 1118 – Airport Land Use Bill

The California state senate passed S.B.1118, a bill aimed at strengthening the state’s airport land-use laws, by nearly a unanimous vote on May 1. Aimed at protecting airports from encroachment, and the well documented inconsistent administration of land use around many airports, it addresses the rapidly growing pressure for urban development near airports. S.B.1118 would strengthen those laws by requiring all counties with at least one public-use airport to have an airport land-use commission. Land-use planning can preempt noise complaints and safety issues that threaten airports.

Marin, San Bernardino, and Santa Cruz counties are among those affected by the bill. The bill?s next stop is the Assembly?s Local Government Committee. Santa Cruz has been lobbying against the bill since its inception (search Santa Cruz to understand why). AOPA has worked very hard and been instrumental in introducing and pushing the bill through.

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