Tracy Airport –

Tracy Municipal Airport in California is getting $500,000 for upgrades that will at least make trips to the bathroom there more pleasant, but are ultimately intended to draw more business to the field. Toward that end, the city will seek more than $2 million in state loans for the purpose of adding 44 hangars. City staff intends to repay that loan with increased fuel sales that would result from the population increase created by the new hangars and estimates those sales could generate almost $90,000 in profit by 2011. The airport already owes the city more than $1 million, which it is paying off at a rate of $20,000 per year and the effort comes at the continued expense of New Jerusalem airport. The city has for a decade attempted to sell New Jerusalem, but has been thwarted by deed restrictions that require the land be used as an airport. The new push for Tracy Municipal will be added to the city’s continued attempts to explore with the FAA alternative opportunities (read: selling it to a developer) for the land at New Jerusalem.

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