Watsonville Pilots Association Needs Your Help!

Editor’s Note: The Watsonville Pilot’s Association is a Chapter of CALPILOTS. They need all of our help to stop the ‘pro real estate developer mentality’ which has taken over the planning process locally, and is prevalent throughout the state. Please join us and help with donations to this very important cause. It is time to stop elected officials from doing what they want versus what makes sense for the community. For more information, and for donation information, please go to their web site. The City of Watsonville’s City Manager, and Development Department working with real estate developers have plans to build in Watsonville Airport’s runway protection zones. This will create new noise and safety problems. Building in these areas will cause severe restrictions, then closure of runway 8-26 (the east-west runway). The viability of Watsonville Airport will be permanently damaged by the proposed development in the Buena Vista area. But bad or no planning is not just involved with the Buena Vista area, but all around the Airport. The consensus is that the General Plan update just adopted (and future specific planning) is the beginning of the end of Watsonville Airport. For the rest of the story please visit their web site.

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