The drumbeat continues: Very light jets are going to darken the skies, more passengers mean lots more airplanes, the FAA funding system is so horribly broken that it can’t possibly pay for fixes to solve an overloaded air traffic control system. This time it was FAA Administrator Marion Blakey and her boss, Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, making the arguments at the FAA Forecast Conference on March 15 and 16. “Manufacturers like Cessna and Eclipse are preparing delivery of thousands of new very light jets, with the potential to usher in the largest increase in air traffic since the 1960s,” said Peters. Blakey stated that, “If we don’t get the stable financing we need, NextGen will be the solution to a problem that we anticipated and studied but failed to really address.” But do the administration’s pronouncements represent prophecy or fallacy? Looks like the latter. Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group Corp. told AOPA recently that the aircraft volume projections are unrealistic. See AOPA Online.

Editor’s Note: It isn’t over folks, you should be writing (emailing) your Senator/Congressman.

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