Montgomery Field – Sunroads Lawsuit Update

There is a lot going on regarding the lawsuit over the developer Sunroads attempt to ignore the law regarding building height next to San Diego’s Montgomery Airport. Click below to learn more about the battle between big money and the law. Fox 6 news: “Latest Sunroad Surprise”

— Sunroad didn’t appeal the FAA hazard determination For more info click here.

San Diego CityBEAT: “EDITOR’S NOTE: Is Mike nuts?: How the Sunroad case fits into the whole Aguirre thing” For more info click here.

Union-Tribune: “End work on tower now, Frye says” that includes reaction from Jim Waring, who said:

“The Development Services Department has ordered Sunroad to halt work on the top of the building. But despite that order, the city made a strategic decision to allow construction to continue, Waring said.

“It’s a matter of liability,” he said. “If the city loses (the lawsuit), then the more work that has been done will reduce the claim against the city.”

If the city wins, Waring said, Sunroad will bear all the expense of the demolition. “

For the entire story click here.

Finally, here is another opinion regarding the San Diego DA and how his galvanizing style may be hurting the law suit. To read it click here.

For the DA Aguirre’s side of the story go to his blog.

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