Cable Airport- Open Letter to Upland City Council

The Upland City Council has an important decision to make on Monday August 28th. They are hearing the cases for and against the proposed Upland Crossing development (proposed by the same developer responsible to closing Rialto Airport). A decision to allow the real estate developer to build 370 homes under the crosswind turn in the airport traffic pattern is a mistake and the California Pilots Association advises the Upland City Council against it. Read the letter by clicking more. August 25, 2006
California Pilots Association
P.O. Box 6868
San Carlos, CA. 94070

City of Upland
Upland City Council
460 North Euclid
Upland, California 91786

Honorable Members of the Upland City Council,

The California Pilots Association (CALPILOTS) is a statewide, non-profit, volunteer pilot and aviation advocate organization. Our goal, since 1949, has been to promote and protect one of California?s most important transportation infrastructure assets, its airports. Our organization and its membership stand committed to that goal.

We are writing to express our association?s concerns regarding the proposed development known as Upland Crossing, bordering the Cable Airport. We are concerned that, if approved, the residential elements of the development could have a significant negative impact on the Cable Airport.

As a statewide organization with more than 50 years of aviation experience, CALPILOTS has been involved in numerous proposals to build residential developments in close proximity to public use airports. Past experience has shown that residential development in close proximity to an airport is poor public policy, and we strongly encourage the City to carefully examine this proposal in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

The Caltrans, Division of Aeronautics document, The Airport Land Use Handbook, which can be located at the following web address, ( should be used to guide development around all California airports. Unfortunately, this guide is often ignored when development around airports is considered. This is regrettable, because history has shown crowding airports with homes typically brings controversy and additional costs to the city; not to mention threatening the airport?s future. Unfortunately, often after the developer has made his money and moved on, the city is left trying to resolve costly noise and safety issues which did not have to occur. Please note that the open areas around airports are there for noise and safety considerations, which are part of normal airport operations. Ignoring these potential issues is a mistake.

Many municipalities do not comprehend that their airport provides the community with not only a transportation alternative to over crowded roads and highways, but is also an economic engine for the area. Further, the airport?s economic impact is beginning to grow for all general aviation airports, given the growing problems associated with airline travel. With the advent of the new generation of the quiet very light jets, municipalities which don?t consider this factor run the risk of a significant loss of regional revenue due to this shift in business travel.

The California Pilots Association agrees with Mr. Cable in his assessment that this development to build 370 homes under the crosswind turn in the airport traffic pattern will threaten the future of the airport. We trust that you will consider the economic impact on your community long term, not just the short term approach where most real estate developers strategies are focused.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this very important issue. If there are any questions we can answer please feel free to contact us.


Ed Rosiak
President- California Pilots Association

cc: Bob Cable
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (open letter to Upland City Council)
Jay White, CALPILOTS General Counsel

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