User Fees – Blakley Shows Up at Oshkosh – Same Old Story

Outgoing FAA Administrator Marion Blakey gave one last pitch for the implementation of general aviation user fees at EAA AirVenture on Thursday. And a gracious capacity crowd attending the annual “Meet The Boss” session let her have her say. During her introduction, EAA President Tom Poberezny noted that the FAA reauthorization bill is before Congress and that means the debate at the grass roots level is over. But Blakey, who could have let the issue go, instead suggested that Congress’s failure to implement a “cost-based” system of revenue generation could result in blocks of airspace being closed to general aviation. “There’s a very real possibility you won’t be able to fly where you want, when you want,” she said. “We believe a cost-based system will keep you flying rather than keep you from flying.” She also stressed that under the proposal her adminstration made, the majority of general aviation operators would not be affected.

(Editor’s Note: You have to give Blakley credit for showing up at Oshkosh. However, her never ending User Fee rhetoric is getting old. Not to mention her threats to the GA not being able to use the system).

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