How many studies does it take to determine the air quality around an airport? In California, apparently seven is not enough. A bill before the California Assembly would require the taxi and idle operations of all aircraft at Santa Monica Municipal Airport be monitored for one year to determine the impact jets have on air pollution. That would be the eighth study on that airport, and AOPA believes that’s just a tad extreme. “It is unclear what authorizing an eighth study would achieve,” AOPA Vice President of Regional Affairs Gregory Pecoraro wrote Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, further explaining, “This bill would set a restriction at an airport that is not appropriate…. GA airports should not be required to meet the extensive and burdensome monitoring requirements of this bill.” The South Coast Air Quality Management District and the county of Los Angeles each have or are currently conducting three studies. The Los Angeles Unified School District Environmental Health and Safety Branch has conducted another.

Source: AOPA ePilot

Editor’s Note: CALPILOTS stands with AOPA on this ridiculous proposal. This is an example of politics at their worst. Who allowed the housing to encroach the airport? Answer:The local elected officials, then they turn around and act like they are doing something when they are responsibile in the first place.

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