Special Notice from AOPA President Phil Boyer

HELP DEFEAT THREAT TO CALIFORNIA AIRPORTS! One of California’s preeminent general aviation airports, the embattled Santa Monica Airport (SMO), is the target of potentially crippling monitoring regulations in Assembly Bill 2501. This precedent setting bill is a back-door attempt to restrict operations and is pending final approval by the State Assembly. If pilots allow AB 2501 to pass, could your airport be next?

Pilots must contact their state Assembly members immediately and tell them to OPPOSE AB 2501.
  • The state should not endorse this attempt to restrict operations at an airport, which is key to access to Southern California.
  • Imposing the requirements by state law sets a bad precedent for potential new restrictions on airports OTHER THAN Santa Monica.
  • This is an UNFUNDED STATE MANDATE using important and limited financial resources intended for safety and operational purposes for data collection and recording.
  • The study requirements of AB 2501 are not needed. In October 2005 the L.A. Toxics Epidemiology Program released a health assessment of the communities around Santa Monica Airport, concluding that there is NO EVIDENCE “of elevated rates of mortality related to impaired lung function or heart disease…elevated rate of low-birth-weight births…[or] statistically elevated rates for any type of reported birth defect.”
  • The study is redundant. SEVEN health and air quality studies involving Santa Monica Airport HAVE BEEN or are CURRENTLY BEING CONDUCTED. These continuous studies are part of a larger effort to RESTRICT AVIATION ACTIVITIES at Santa Monica.
AOPA has designed a Web page that provides the information you can use to help prevent AB 2501 from being passed by the State Assembly by sending an e-mail immediately. Please click on the following link to the AOPA eAdvocacy Site to contact your state Assembly member.

Editor’s Note: Also see the header of this web page.

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