Airplanes Wrecked By Truck

An accident involving a collision that destroys all or part of two aircraft would normally make headlines across the country but this unfortunate mishap slipped below the media radar, perhaps because it was a pickup truck that did the damage.

Thanks to an AVweb reader, however, we’re able to tell you the sad tale of an accident at Compton Airport in California that destroyed the fuselage of a pristine Beech Staggerwing that was being restored in a hangar. “The owner now has everything for the airplane except a fuselage,” said hangar owner Jack Kenton (California Pilots Association VP, Region 4….Ed). It also wrecked the fuselage of a J-4 Cub and a Cassutt (single-place experimental). The accident occurred Dec. 10 when the pickup went off a road, through a fence and into the hangar. Kenton said witnesses estimated the truck was going 80 mph when it left the road. One airplane inside the hangar was unscathed.

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