A Patchwork of ADIZs All Over the U.S.?

The FAA announced the meetings just days after the 9/11 Commission gave the government a B- for aerospace security measures and noted that it really only exists over Washington. What would it take to get an A? AOPA?s government expert Andy Cebula fears it could be a patchwork of ADIZs all over the U.S. “I’m not sure which is more distressing — that the commission thinks the Washington, D.C., ADIZ works, or that they think the model should be applied elsewhere,” Cebula said in a report on AOPA?s Web site. He said the commission?s comments are just the sort of thing to prompt politicians and bureaucrats to do something — anything — to appear to be responding to security concerns. “And the easiest thing for them to do would be to create more ADIZs,? he said. If a Kentucky senator has his way, a town as small as 30,000 in population with a relatively small, mainly GA airport would qualify for an ADIZ.

Sen. Julian Carroll (who used to be the governor) has put forth a resolution to the state legislature that would ask the FAA to look at imposing flight restrictions over the picturesque community of Frankfort. If you were especially good at geography in high school you might remember that Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky and that the seat of government is on one of the approaches to Capital City Airport. AOPA forces are mustering to block the bill.

Source: AvWeb

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