Merced Airport

Monday, August 15, 2005
Merced Flying High
KFSN-TV Ch 30 (ABC), Fresno (CA)
The city of Merced is taking steps to make sure it’s airport can keep up with the rapidly changing city. 70 thousand people currently live in Merced and that number is expected to rise to 100 thousand by the year 20-10 and will reach 140 thousand by 20-30. And the airport’s runway is getting a lot busier.

The City council will vote to approve a one and a half million dollar federal grant. It’s the largest grant the airport has ever received; the airport director says it’s due to increased traffic.

A nineteen-seat dual prop plane may be the biggest commercial plane flying out of Merced these days but not for long.

A million and a half dollar grant will pay to repave the runway, replace signs, and prepare the airport for more traffic.

Scenic Airlines currently operates two daily flights to Las Vegas out of Merced. Lloyd Partin, the Airport Superintendent expects Scenic will soon add additional flights.

The city says they are getting more requests for corporate hanger space than ever before.

The Assistant City Manager says many of the corporations flying into Merced’s airport are developers looking to move into the North Valley.

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