Fullerton Airport’s Student Aviation Club Celebrates Flying Friendly

Whether you date the Fullerton airport’s existence from 1913 as a single airstrip or start counting at the year 1927 or 1928 when it was officially dedicated as an airport, you have to admit that it has been here a long time and has a great deal of history to pass on to the community. “Fly Friendly” is Fullerton Municipal Airport’s motto, and a small student aviation club would like to help celebrate it and pass the word along to you Shelley Alongi, a Masters candidate in the history department at Cal State Fullerton, is not only a Masters candidate, but an aviation enthusiast to boot. In 2004 she founded a small aviation club called Titan Visual Flight rules (TVFR), a club whose mission is to provide a place for all interested parties to advocate for or learn more about general aviation. Last year’s crowning event for the fledgling little club was the celebration of the launching of Scaled Composits SpaceshipOne and the taking of the Ansari X Prize for launching man on his next journey into flight: nongovernment funded spaceflight.

This year, the Fullerton airport is the subject of TVFRs’ crowning event. On March 8, 2006, eight months of research will come together in a photographic exhibit comprised of both old and new pictures, a video highlighting the businesses and history of the airport itself, and of course, dinner. At this date a key note speaker is planned, but is still in process of being located.

A big part of the project is the ten interviews that are being conducted with people who have worked at the airport or have frequented it in the past and present. The interviews will be stored at the Center for Oral and Public History at Cal State fullerton for use of those researching local Orange County sites, or who just want to know more about the Fullerton airport.

Fullerton airport is designated as a historical site, and Ms. Alongi thought the collection of up-to-date information would be a great way to preserve its history an dpass it along to the next generation.

To learn how you can help with the project or to attend the $15.00 event on Wednesday March 8, 2006, please contact Shelley Alongi at this email.

Here’s to many more years of flying friendly.

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