Oceanside City Council Maneuvers to Close Airport

Friends of Oceanside Airport,

Oceanside’s new City Council majority, Esther Sanchez, Jim Wood and Shari Mackin are attempting to bleed the Oceanside Airport to death in an attempt to close it, and make way for low income housing, or a box store. Their misguided attempt to create a larger tax base is nothing new, and has been proven ineffective many times before in different communities, when huge traffic increases, cost of services, pollution, loss of open land, and loss of emergency airlift services issues are seriously considered. We are suspicious that they have recruited a few vocal airport opponents to bad mouth the airport and its users, by regularly writing to the North County Times newspaper. See the NC Times (January 14th) for some examples of the negative letters.

While the anti-airport people are a small minority, they have become increasingly vocal and have stepped up their letter writing campaign to give the impression that they are gaining momentum. Therefore, it is imperative that all aviation enthusiasts and airport supporters write to the north county times to express their support for the airport as part of the national airport system.

We also suggest local airport supporters regularly monitor the letters page because there will no doubt be more negative comments, so be sure and write positive airport responses. It’s effective and represents your first amendment rights. Exercise them!

Please take a few moments now to email your letter of support to the North County Times. Please be unemotional, and fact based when you write regarding the airport. It is extremely easy process.

Here is the link for creating letters online.

Ron Cozad
Director at Large
California Pilots Association

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