GA Bands Together Against Airline Pushed User Fees

Alphabet groups and two industry leaders declared war against the Air Transport Association (ATA), which represents most U.S. Airlines, in the latest chapter in GA’s effort to prevent the imposition of user fees on general aviation. EAA President Tom Poberezny spoke yesterday to a large audience at AirVenture, declared the airlines as the “enemy” and referred to the gathering of GA leaders at Tuesday’s forum as “the opening salvo in the united front” against the FAA’s apparent determination to impose fee-for-service charges for a variety of aviation services. Earlier this year the ATA issued a news release recommending that GA operators (defined by the FAA as anything but scheduled and military flights) pay for the actual services they use, rather than have their contribution collected from fuel taxes. However, the ATA also seemed to suggest that those flying piston aircraft be exempt from the charges. Regardless, general aviation groups have composed a unified position document, demonstrating solidarity and arguments for their cause.

Source: AvWeb

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