British Operated DC-6A to Plans Visit Birthplace – Santa Monica

Air Atlantique, a British operator of classic transport aircraft and 1950s era military aircraft, will fly its DC-6A, registration G-APSA, to Santa Monica for her 50th birthday. Originally delivered on 13 June 1958 she is the sole remaining DC-6A operational outside the Americas. G-APSA now flies in a fetching KLM livery from the 1950’s and will be making the long journey to commemorate the important contribution of the type in making air transport a mature industry.

We’re planning to bring our DC-6A (registration G-APSA, s/n 45497) from England to Santa Monica for her 50th birthday in mid June next year. We’ll be in California from about 5 June to 12 June (Yuba, SMO, Long Beach and Chino so far) and the crew would love to meet any CALPILOTS members in the area.

It is sobering to read in your pages that her home port of Santa Monica is under constant threat from the very community that was built on the success of Douglas. Air Atlantique and the crew of G-APSA want to recognise this fact and extend the hand of friendship to members of the CALPILOTS, some of whom no doubt have personal experience of flying these wonderful aircraft.

So far we plan to route via Narsarsuaq and Minneapolis to the Golden West fly-in at Yuba, then to SMO, Long Beach and Chino, before heading east to Detroit, Quebec, Ottawa and home.

We’re really looking forward to meeting [all of] you.

More information can be found at and there are lots of pictures at the usual aircraft photographic sites.

Kind regards,

Julian Firth
Head of DC-6 operations
Air Atlantique

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