Truckee Airport Board Slows FAA Funds Decision

Monday, October 31, 2005
Strings attached to federal airport funding explained
By David Bunker
The Truckee (CA) Sierra Sun

The Truckee Tahoe Airport board did not make a decision on whether to accept or refuse federal grants at its Thursday meeting, but did decide to hire an aviation lawyer to advise them on the obligations that come along with accepting federal money. Federal Aviation Administration grants, available to airports across the country, have become a contentious topic among area residents at recent airport board meetings. The airport board is exploring whether the district will have more freedom to control aspects of airport operations, including airplane traffic or hangar use, if they refuse federal money and the strings that come along with that funding.

The airport decided to hire Kaplan Kirsch and Rockwell, a Denver, Colo.- based legal firm, to guide it through a decision, which airport general manager Dave Gotschall said may not be made until next spring.

The airport has until October of 2006 to decide whether to use the funding, which is set at $150,000 per year. The district has three years of funding stored up – making a total of $450,000 available to the airport. If the board does not decide on accepting the funding by October, it will lose the first installment of $150,000.

Editor’s Note: The Truckee Tahoe Airport Board needs to be monitored to ensure they do what is right for the airport. CalPilots is concerned because since the elections placing new members on the board, there appears to be another agenda in place.

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