ILS Failure at LAX

Air traffic into and out of Los Angeles was hampered Monday morning by the failure of the ILS on Runway 25-Right at approximately 0915 local time. The failue forced the reduction of runway operations at LAX and left passengers grumbling at the gate for at least 15-minutes, and required the FAA to modify procedures in order to get the flow of traffic to something approaching the norm of 58 aircraft per hour. Delays reached some 90 minutes as the afternoon wore on, and at least two aircraft were diverted to nearby Ontario Airport due to fuel limitations encountered while holding for an arrival slot.

An airport spokesman says the FAA hasn’t given the airport any reason for the failure. Technicians were on the scene, trying to figure it out. All this adds insult to injury after last month’s power outage at the Los Angeles Center in Palmdale. That took out all communications and surveillance capabilities at the center for more than two hours, and THAT caused massive delays nationwide.

The ARTCC outage is now being investigated by the NTSB — which wants to verify the FAA’s story that no flights were ever in danger as a result of the outage.

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