LAX Maxed Out

Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Ontario best choice for airport expansion
The Whittier (CA) Daily News

THE Southern California Association of Governments is famous for issuing widely ignored advice. But its latest pronouncement is one that Los Angeles city officials better heed. Last week, SCAG’s Mark Pisano made the common-sense observation that LAX cannot continue to carry the full weight of Southern California air traffic.

Los Angeles needs to expand its airport options, and given the growth happening to the east of Los Angeles, certainly east of LAX and even east of the San Gabriel Valley, Ontario Airport is the place where major expansion is possible – now.

It makes no sense for travelers to drive from Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, or San Bernardino County to LAX just to get the best and cheapest flights. We need to see competitive pricing on airfare from airlines that fly out of other Southern California airports, so these airports can become a viable option to consumers.

Airport regionalization can no longer be just a vague ideal; it must become a top priority for our region. And not just because SCAG said so, but because it would vastly improve the quality of life throughout Southern California.

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