FAA Takes Another Look At KFI Tower Hazard Potential

California radio station KFI can’t rebuild its tower near Fullerton Municipal Airport — yet. That’s the word from the FAA after the city of Fullerton appealed its decision to allow the station to rebuild the tower, knocked down when it was struck by a Cessna 182 in December, 2004 Two people died in the crash. Local pilots had fought a long campaign to at least force KFI to equip its 820-foot (MSL) tower with strobe lights. That never happened. Since the accident, KFI has petitioned the FAA to allow the construction of a slightly shorter ( 684-foot) tower on the same site. “I’m pleased the FAA accepted our petition,” Fullerton City Manager Chris Meyer tells the Whittier Daily News. “We believe there are very valid reasons why the tower should not be constructed above a height of 500 feet.”Source: Aero News.

FMI: www.faa.gov

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