ADIZ in D.C.

The clock has run out on time allotted for comments regarding the FAA’s proposal to create a permanent flight-restricted area over Washington, D.C., and in the final pushEAA weighed in with 39 pages of remarks. That was added to the more than 17,680 comments the site listed as logged. “EAA … strenuously asserts that converting the current ADIZ into a permanently restricted area is a very bad idea and an even worse precedent,” said EAA President Tom Poberezny, in a news release on Tuesday. “This proposal does nothing to enhance security while it eviscerates the general aviation infrastructure in that area.” Also, the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, which has direct control over the FAA, has requested public meetings with Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security officials on the matter, and it has asked for an extended comment period, according to AOPA. Some of EAA’s points include: This is the first airspace proposal whose sole focus is to deprive Americans of their right to have access to the National Airspace System … It specifically targets recreational and general aviation pilots … It is the latest in a disturbing trend where specific agencies and even private corporations have superceded FAA’s authority to manage airspace … A multitude of flight safety and economic threats in the affected region remain under the proposal and, in a number of cases, are worse … and more. The official comment period ended yesterday … unless that changes. To read the comments now filed, go to the Docket Management System, type in 17005 and click on Search.

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