Don’t Move Palm Springs TRACON Petition

On Wednesday July 11, 2007, the FAA moved the TRACON for the Palm Springs Airport area to a facility in Miramar, CA (Near San Diego). This move was made as a cost cutting measure by the FAA and is currently scheduled for a review in 30 days. At the end of the 30 days they will determine if they will leave the TRACON at Miramar or allow it to return back home to Palm Springs.

This petition is for the support of bringing it back to Palm Springs. The Palm Springs, CA area is incredibly volatile when it comes to weather patterns. Having LOCAL TRACON controllers is essential. The safety of passengers aboard commercial and private aircraft is truly compromised by having the eyes of our sky’s over 100 miles away. In an area where the weather can go from calm to impassible in as little as 30 minutes, this is just foolish. The “scheduled” weather information that goes to the Miramar TRACON facility may be too late, whereas a local TRACON controller looking at our desert can detect these rapid changes instantly and begin assisting aircraft for diversion to safety.

Please sign this petition and join our local and state representatives who have all expressed concern over this very important issue. We have only 30 days to make this petition a booming voice of opposition to the placement of the TRACON near San Diego.

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Palm Springs Pilots Association

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