Aircraft Authentication Status

Aircraft Owners and Operators – Check your aircraft registration

Is your aircraft properly registered? Is the aircraft you are about to operate properly registered? Did you forget to register that new aircraft you recently purchased?

If an aircraft does not have a valid registration or if information contained on the registration is not correct, such as current owner name or address, your aircraft may show a status of “in Question” on FAA records. On February 1, an operator and or/owner of an aircraft attempting to operate or operating within the NAS without a currently effective registration or a registration which is “questionable” and/or without a TSA required security measure/waiver may have actions taken such as but not limited to:

1. Notification of deficiency
2. A pilot deviation may be filed against the operator
3. The operator may be denied access to the NAS

Check your aircraft registration by going to and clicking on the link “Registrations at Risk” (left hand side) , type in your N number. If your aircraft is contained in this list then your registration is “in question.” You can contact Aircraft registration toll free at (866) 762-9434 for assistance.

See notice FR Doc 05-23852 filed 12-8-05 for complete summary by following this link:

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