Stockton Airport Manager’s Job- ‘To Protect the Airport’ Angers Developer

This reply was sent to a Stockton Newspaper in response to their story on the criticism by the real estate developer which stated the Stockton Airport Manager was trying to thwart his plan to build homes (very close to the airport – Editor). In the story you will find the typical rhetoric we have seen repeatedly from real estate developers trying to justify building too close to an airport.

Letters to the Editor
The recent story on Stockton’s airport and real estate developer being at odds is nothing new. Airports around the entire state, and country for that matter, are under attack by real estate developers due to open space around many airports. Developers see dollars signs; airport professionals see long term problems. The open space around airports is there for a good reason. It serves the community as buffer for noise and safety issues that are a normal part of daily airport operations.

The easiest method to determine who is acting appropriately is to ask “who will benefit”? Will the Airport Manager benefit from the project being cancelled? Will he get a raise in pay or a better position for trying to protect the community’s asset? The answer is a simple no. On the other hand, will the developer benefit by making huge profits on the development? I think we all know the answer to that one. You decide.

Ed Rosiak
President- California Pilots Association

To read the story go to the newspaper website.

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