Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUC)

We are continuously posting articles about airport sponsors, city or county, ignoring the state’s Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) function. This commission was created to mitigate issues between inappropriate land development around our state airports. The following, while a bit long, is a primer on ALUC’s. The entire Division or Aeronautics manual on is also attached as a PDF file. While you may not wish to read the entire manual, it is an excellent reference for protecting your airport. Please download it for reference.

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Get the FACTS on "Trailer Bills"

How did the Airport Land Use Commission get placed on the now “infamous trailer bill” in the Department of Finance – Read about this questionable process in Dan Walters column. After you do, please write the Governor and ask him to remove Airport Land Use Commissions from this bill.      Dan Walters: Legislative mischief on ‘trailer…

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Airport Land Use Compatibility

Land Use Near Inland Airports A Crucial Safety Issue

When the Perris City Council allowed a 173,000-square-foot distribution center to be built inside the Air Force’s “accident potential zone” just south of the March Air Reserve Base runway, it defied a request by two Riverside County supervisors who feared developing the buffer zone more than the recommended 20 percent.

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