A hearing in California on Monday night was packed with flight instructors and flight school operators worried about the impact of a new California law on their profession. The law requires flight schools to comply with various kinds of oversight and fees that are meant to protect students from financial losses if a school should suddenly close down. However, operators have complained that the new rules are so burdensome and expensive that most flight schools in the state would be forced out of business. Schools must register with the state by Aug. 1 under the law, which took effect on Jan. 1. Michael France, director of regulatory affairs for the National Air Transportation Association, told AVweb on Wednesday that the regulations are “burdensome,” and according to a NATA survey, up to 90 percent of the flight schools in the state would close down if they are forced to comply. “This could really have an impact,” he said. “We’ve proposed some changes to the regulations, and we hope we can find a solution.”

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