Byron Airport in relation to both proposed power plants

August 2010
Power trade has its critics
Some feel S.J. getting bad end of energy plant deal

TRACY – A natural gas power plant proposed for just outside San Joaquin County would be justified in part by reductions in pollution from a facility in Santa Clara, far from the smoggy Valley.The 200-megawatt “peaker” plant, meant to help satisfy California’s peak energy demands, could emit up to 46 tons per year of smog-forming chemicals, according to a report released this week.To offset that pollution, developers of the Mariposa Energy Project would obtain credits from a facility which has decreased its own emissions – a kind of trade.
Editor’s Note: Here is a good opportunity to read about the power plant industry’s back room deals to pollute the air for their profit.

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Wednesday August 11th – The Byron Airport Land Use Commission, which is charged with protecting the airport from encroachment by incompatible uses near Public Use Airports and to promote the economic future development of California airports, is seeking Pilot Inputs on the subject addressed below.

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Important Meeting Byron Airport (C83) Pilots and Users

When : 9:30 AM Sat Aug 7th , OPS Building West side of Ry30 ~ mid way (Free Coffee & Doughnuts)
California Pilots Association Briefing (
Two Power Plants are in the planning process and are about to restrict Airport Arrivals & Departures from/to the Southeast of Byron Airport.

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