Meadows FieldEight years ago the shiny new William M. Thomas Terminal at Meadows Field Airport opened amid fanfare and dreams of growth at the county’s main airport.

A year later Kern County’s first international flights to Guadalajara, Mexico, began flying out of the old terminal after Kern County poured $8 million into its renovation.

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Meadows FieldMeadows Field Airport Bouncing Back from economic slump – Officials said more people have been flying in and out of Meadows Field overthe last couple of years. So much so, they are considering adding more flights.

In 2007, the airport took a hit, losing three airlines and thousands of passengers. But, in the last two years it’s been looking up, and airport
officials are thanking the oil industry.

“It’s a small airport,” said Leah Wheeler who was flying from Bakersfield to Houston Friday. “I wasn’t expecting as many people this early.”

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