TCongressman Issa and AOPA CEO Craig FullerCongressman Issa and AOPA CEO Craig Fullerhe California Pilots Association took full advantage of a small Town Hall type meeting that Congressman Darrel Issa (southern California) and AOPA CEO Craig Fuller had at AOPA Summit 2012 in Palm Springs CA.

CalPilots asked Congressman Issa a pointed question regarding NOAA’s recent airspace grab along areas of the California, and Washington state coast, lowering the floor in two over water areas, which is not only confusing, but in our opinion, not required as NOAA never provided specific proof that it was justified.

The California Pilots Association stated that “NOAA never bothered to answer our letter regarding justification to change this airspace”, and asked “why any aviator deemed in violation, even by untrained ground observers, was considered guilty until proven innocent?” We also asked “when did the innocent until proven guilty change in the United States?”

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