San Luis ObispoSLO Council delays vote on airport override; Rivoire asks for more time

The San Luis Obispo City Council delayed making a decision Tuesday on aproposed override of an Airport Land Use Commission ruling that would limit much of the city’s planned growth at the southern end of the city.

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San Luis ObispoSkyWest Airlines, which operates daily flights out of San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SLO), is removing all of its turboprop aircraft from service and replacing them with regional jets.

Skywest Inc. aims to “improve SkyWest’s overall efficiency and long-term profitability,” according to a statement released by the Utah-based company. As well, the company noted that retirement of the 30-seat Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia fleet is due in part to “increased costs and challenges associated with new (FAA) FAR117 flight and duty rules.” The rules, implemented in January 2014, were established to give commercial pilots more rest between flights in an effort to combat fatigue.

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San Luis ObispoCounty airport could be getting a face lift – FAA has found that the existing terminal violates its standards and is “anxious” for a new terminal to be built

A skittish Board of Supervisors moved its county airport restructuring proposal forward slightly last week, but board members said they want
reassurances that the investment will bring a measurable return.

“I’d like to see more information on whether and how expenditures improve service,” Supervisor Adam Hill told Richard Howell, manager of the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.

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