Tehachapi: A Friendly Place To Rest Your Wings

At an elevation of 4,001 feet, Tehachapi’s Municipal Airport is known as the corridor to Northern and Southern California! We have one of the lowest aviation fuel prices in the state and airborne visitors stop in regularly to not only fill up on gas but to enjoy our downtown and local businesses. There are also a number of aviation related businesses at the Airport and new businesses have approached the City with the hope of locating there. Aviation related jobs are often highly skilled and add value and variety to our economic opportunities.

The Airport is also an excellent location to utilize the treated water from our wastewater treatment facility. This water is currently used to grow alfalfa and as our wastewater facility is upgraded, this water may be used for irrigating sod and other appropriate crops. The close proximity to the wastewater facility and limited access of the Airport provides an excellent location for this necessary process. Other vital functions include serving as a potential emergency operations center for the City and as a base for fire and medical emergency response.
Aside from its economic benefit and its vital role in a number of essential services, the Airport serves as a hub for local and regional aviation enthusiasts. While you certainly can’t please everyone, our Airport is consistently praised by visitors and tenants for its maintenance, safety, security, and quality operations. This is largely due to dedicated staff members who have worked hard to institute a number of improvements that have elevated us from small town airfield to a high quality aviation center that has received millions of dollars and praise from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

These millions of dollars are dedicated by the FAA and are only to be utilized for Airport projects. In the past three years we have been successful in obtaining funding for and constructing new lighting improvements, runway and taxiway improvements, an automated weather observation station, and more. These types of improvements encourage even greater use of the airport by a variety of businesses and individuals and have helped us to become an elite general aviation facility.

We are grateful for the efforts of our Assistant City Manager/Airport Manager Dave Zweigle, Airport and City Staff, airport commissioners, the Tehachapi Society of Pilots, local businesses, other local pilots, and any other groups or individuals who have expended positive energy to make our airport a City asset we can all be proud of.

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