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Here are some ideas floating around Truckee Tahoe Airport and getting serious consideration. The ideas haven?t been incorporated, and hopefully won?t be:

  1. Buy a $500K full-video simulator so visiting pilots can practice the recommended noise abatement procedures without making noise, student pilots can learn to do touch-and-goes without flying over houses, and instrument and commercial students can log lots of hours without having to do take-offs and landings.
  2. Buy a $500-599K Terminal Surveillance Approach System to track flight paths of all transponder equipped aircraft in the area so that decisions can be made about noise abatement. The hidden agenda here is that you have to find out who flew over Susie Smith?s house so you can punish provide that pilot with disincentives.
  3. Take a perfectly good 7000?X100? runway and reduce it to 7000?X75? with a CalTrans Division of Aeronautics grant under the guise of reducing costs by not having to maintain and plow snow from 25% of the existing runway. (Editor’s Note: This option was not considered.) The cool way to make the runway narrower is to do a runway shoulder stabilization project, but instead of stabilizing the dirt adjacent to the runway, restripe the runway and move the 82 runway lights in 12.5? which places them 2.5? in from the sides of the asphalt. That means 82 breaks in the perfectly good asphalt.
  4. Once you have narrowed the runway, stop maintaining 2000? of that same runway at one end in order to reduce costs for maintenance and snow plowing on 29% of that runway that you just made 75? wide.

Fortunately none of these ideas have come to pass. Yet. TRK will accept the CalTrans grant at their March meeting and decide how to do the shoulder stabilization project at a later date. Ideas number 3 and 4 are billed as cost reductions (that?s another story), but fall into the category of ?how to discourage large biz jets and therefore reduce noise.?

Truckee Airport Truckee Airport

So what does a local pilot do to thwart the lunacy? Several pilots have written letters to the editor ridiculing the $500K simulator. There haven?t yet been any formal moves by the airport board to ruin Runway 10-28 by narrowing it, so I?m keeping CALPILOTS, NBAA, AOPA, FAA Burlingame and CalTrans Division of Aeronautics informed of what?s happening with the shoulder stabilization project progress. I?m also keeping an e-mailing list of about 170 local pilots and frequent TRK transient pilots informed.

I welcome suggestions at:

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