TSA a ‘substantial threat’ to GA

Aviation attorney Alan Armstrong warns that TSA ambitions still represent a “substantial threat” to the aviation community.

In his monthly newsletter, “FlightWatch,” Armstrong notes that while some members of the aviation community congratulate themselves and each other based on the belief that threats represented by the TSA to the general aviation community are subsiding, he does not agree with their assessment.

“If you think the TSA is getting out of the general aviation business, please consider the following:

1. There have been seven initiatives in either the House of Representatives or the Senate to ameliorate abuses inflicted by the TSA on general aviation based upon the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP), Security Directives 8F and 8G, and the TSA’s classified document, “Operation Playbook.” Not one Congressional initiative has been passed, and nothing has been submitted to the President to ameliorate abuses of civil liberties previously enjoyed by members of the general aviation community.

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Editor’s Note: TSA appears to be a bureaucracy out of control – read the entire story..

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