TSA – Another (Anti) GA Proposal Uncovered

Industry seeks alternatives to badge requirements at commercial airports

The Transportation Security Administration has extended the deadline for a controversial security directive that would require security badges and background checks for all general aviation pilots based at air carrier airports. The TSA will meet with industry representatives to consider alternatives and to find solutions better suited to GA.

The decision to push the deadline for compliance back to June 1 will allow the TSA to incorporate industry input and come up with guidance for airports that minimize the SD’s impact on GA operators and airports.

“It’s an important development that the TSA has recognized that we’re users with a vested interest at these airports and wants to work with us to explore alternatives,” said Craig Spence, AOPA vice president of security. “Our goal is to work with the TSA to ensure pilots’ need for access at commercial airports is addressed.”

The information was released in a conference call today with operators, representatives from airports, and other GA organizations. AOPA will be working with the TSA in the next few days to explore options for keeping airports secure while minimizing the burden on pilots.

As airports across the country have been implementing the new security measures, AOPA members have been frustrated by the changing requirements and limited access to information about the SD. AOPA expects the industry-TSA collaboration to produce clear guidelines that take into account the rules’ impact on operators and airports.


Editor’s Note: We suggest that you contact your TSA Subcommitte Congressional Representative (listed below) and let him/her know (unemotionally) how opposed you are to not only LASP, but to this latest attack on GA. You might also want to ask them why TSA didn’t make this proposal available until just recently. Finally, we think it would be appropriate to note to them that it is obvious that there is no one with GA experience working with TSA. If there were, they would not be thinking up these ridiculous proposals

* Arkansas: Mark Pryor
* California: Barbara Boxer
* Florida: Bill Nelson
* Hawaii: Daniel Inouye
* Louisiana: David Vitter
* Maine: Olympia Snow
* Massachusetts: John Kerry
* Minnesota: Amy Klobachar
* Mississippi: Roger Wicker
* Missouri: Clair McCaskill
* Nevada: John Ensign
* New Jersey: Frank Lautenberg
* North Dakota: Bryon Dorgan
* South Carolina: Jim DeMint
* South Dakota: John Thune
* Texas: Kay Bailey Hutchinson
* Washington: Maria Cantwell
* West Virginia: Jay Rockefeller

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