TSA Locks Out Punta Gorda Pilots

As the Transportation Security Administration continues to eye GA as a security threat, it locked out a group of owners from a through-the-fence arrangement at Florida’s Punta Gorda Airport, south of Sarasota. Pilot Larry Hofmeister told us Friday that a group of owners with hangars on private property adjacent to the airport had a good working arrangement that allowed them to taxi from their hangars to a gate into the airport, which they could open by remote control. This week, the TSA halted that arrangement, claiming that it represents a security threat.
Editor’s Note:
Here we go with TSA inserting itself in GA issues which can be addressed locally. One pilot did not follow the rules, so the entire pilot community was unfairly burdened? This is a bureaucracy is out of control.

To read the entire story go to their web site. To read some thoughts from an AvWeb blog go here.

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