I already belong to AOPA, EAA, 99’s or NBAA – Why join the California Plots Association?

The short answer is that while the national aviation organizations all do an admirable job, they can no longer do it all. The issues surrounding our general aviation airports are increasing. We believe that every aviation enthusiast, pilot or not, should belong to their aviation organizations at the local, statewide and national levels. We believe that each of us has to do more to protect our general aviation airports. We call it the “Three Tiered Defense” – Local – Statewide – and National. All three tiers need to work together to accomplish the goal. This is only beginning to happen. Further, we have to change our mind sets to understand that we can no longer protect our airports by writing a check to one of the national aviation organizations. It is now imperative that all get involved. Each of us can do something to help, no matter how small. What have we done for you lately – check it out.