User Fees – Airline Transport Association Propaganda Push is On

Read it for yourself. Here is Delta Airlines propaganda on user fees. No doubt that all the airlines will do similar pushes to get this mis-information out to their non-flying passengers who may believe it. It is up to us to tell Congress that the ATA is telling falsehoods. Click the Legislation link in the Menu to find out how to fight back! “Delta Air Lines

Message from the Chief of Operations

Joe Kolshak, Delta CEO

We?re proud to be part of the Smart Skies campaign and provide this website for Delta Air Lines passengers and employees to learn about the critical need to modernize our nation’s aging air traffic control system and reform the way it is funded. As passengers and employees, we are all impacted by the delays and congestion that are a result of this outdated system. In addition, the subsidies we provide to high-performance noncommercial users of the system unfairly tax the airline customers. It is vitally important that our voices be heard as debate about these issues occurs in Congress.

The last opportunity to provide input on modernizing the air traffic system and reforming the Airport and Airway Trust Fund came ten years ago, but you can help make a difference at this crucial time. Help ensure that the U.S. aviation system can meet future demand by telling your elected officials to support a modernized air traffic control system and a fair funding system that will help eliminate delays, ensure all users pay their fair share, and improve environmental performance.

Our elected leaders in Congress make decisions that affect us all. It is important that we as a company, and more importantly you as individuals, are part of the political process. Thanks for getting on board!


Joseph C. Kolshak
Executive Vice President and Chief of Operations, Delta Air Lines, Inc.”

To see it on their web site.

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